Relaxation: 7 ways to protect agents from the heat

Extreme weather conditions have become a reality. Find out how to make sure your agents and the properties they represent stay safe this summer.

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Baking bread in mail boxes. fried eggs sidewalks. Day after day of record temperatures.

For some, the extreme heat is nothing more than a minor inconvenience. Yes, utility bills are higher. No, you probably won’t drink your coffee on deck. Yet for real estate agents, the heat can be downright dangerous.

According to harvard business review, lost productivity and health issues are among the dangers the current heat wave poses to agents and brokerages. Whether you are an individual agent, team leader or broker, it is essential to ensure that you are ready to do business in these extreme circumstances. Here’s how.

Pay attention to the weather forecast

If you’re used to getting up in the morning and leaving without worrying too much about the weather, it’s time to change your habits. Check the weather forecast for the day and week ahead and keep it in mind when planning your day and choosing your wardrobe. Wear a hat and sunscreen, and try to schedule office hours for the middle of the day so you’ll be out early or late.

Rethink planned activities

If you’re used to outdoor workouts, it’s probably time to hit the gym. If you normally turn the oven on at dinnertime or baking is your hobby, you’ll probably want to keep the oven off as much as possible. If you’re doing yard work or gardening, try to aim for early morning or evening to take advantage of the slightly cooler temperatures.

Adjust lead generation strategies

Now is probably not the time to roam your geo farm and knock on your door. Instead, consider stepping up with direct mail and cold calling. Open days are often held during the hottest part of the day. Consider moving them earlier or later and be sure to keep plenty of water on hand for attendees.

How to make a good impression? Consider sponsoring an ice cream truck for your open house or for your target neighborhood as a treat to stay cool.

Make sure everyone stays hydrated

Remind your agents to stay hydrated. Consider providing filtered water, a water cooler, or bottled water in your office. Don’t just keep them in the break room; set up a beverage station in the lobby so that agents and customers can grab a cold drink as soon as they arrive.

Find alternative meeting places

If you’re on the go with buyers, you might be used to standing in the aisle of the listings you’re viewing to discuss their merits and demerits. Minimize outdoor exposure by retreating to a nearby cafe or juice bar so you can cool off while you talk. Take lots of notes and take pictures over the phone to help your clients remember what they liked and disliked about the homes they visited.

Be sure to tell your selling customers about where they go on open houses and tours, especially if they are bringing their pets with them. Make space in your office if needed so they have a safe, cool place to wait while their house is shown.

Keep an eye out for announcements

Now is not the time to ignore your listings, especially if they are vacant. Make sure someone in your office regularly checks that the air conditioning is working properly and that the houses are staying relatively cool.

Consider leaving ceiling fans running to keep the air moving, and keep blinds and curtains drawn except when showing the house. You will also want to see what kind of toll the heat takes on the lawn and arrange irrigation as needed, always remembering to comply with local regulations and restrictions regarding outdoor watering.

Consider staging for the summer

If you have a listing or two pending from the spring market, it might be time to lighten it up and cool it down for summer buyers. Consider adding a large umbrella on the deck to protect you from the sun. Replace drapes and heavy textiles with summer linen or cotton curtains. Put away heavy blankets and minimize clutter to give the space a new look that’s more appealing this time of year.

Although you don’t have to hide, it’s a good idea to be aware and aware of the consequences extreme heat can have on people and places. Protect yourself and those who depend on you by taking a few common sense precautions.