New Coventry Fixed Rate Options Reflect Market Conditions –

Coventry for Intermediaries is expanding its range of new commercial products for residential and rental mortgages. Two-, three-, and five-year fixed rate options and tracking products are all available.

Product transfer and additional advance rates are lower than the rates for the new business line, giving existing customers a preferred rate.

Product highlights include: a fixed rate of 4.78% over two years until the end of December 2025 with an LTV of 75% and a fee of £999. This is available for Residential Product Transfer and Additional Advance only.

A fixed rate of 4.76% over five years until the end of December 2028 – for an LTV of 65% with a product fee of £999. This offer is available for residential purchase and remortgage, with a choice of £350 cash back or RMTS for remortgage applications.

Coventry Building Society’s Intermediary Relations Manager, Jonathan Stinton, comments: “The market has been turbulent over the past week, so we have temporarily withdrawn some of our new commercial products to protect service levels.”

He adds: “We have launched new products based on market conditions and have ensured that transfer rates for additional products and advances are preferential to help support our members – all of whom are available through brokers. “