NAR launches nationwide search for ‘diverse’ CEO candidates

Applications to become the 13th chief executive of the 1.5 million member business group will be accepted through July 31, the National Association of Realtors announced.

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The National Association of Realtors has officially launched a nationwide search for a new CEO, the 1.5 million-member trade group announcement Monday.

NAR engaged a national minority-owned talent firm and women’s Career Management Partners to help manage the search, and a job offer for the role on the company’s website says applications are being accepted until July 31.

Any new NAR CEO will have their hands full overseeing not only the day-to-day operations of an annual budget, with over $350 million in revenue and 350 employees, but also a myriad of other challenges, including multiple antitrust lawsuits. , possible federal government involvement in the real estate industry and criticism of the association’s role in promoting fair housing and supporting political candidates who violate its own code of ethics.

Bob Goldberg

The research launch comes after NAR announced last week that its current CEO, Bob Goldberg, would retire at the end of 2024 after nearly three decades with the association. Goldberg became CEO of NAR in 2017 amid criticism from NAR members.

They demanded more transparency in the selection process and were disappointed when NAR chose a candidate who had been in the trade group for 22 years and who some suspected was predetermined.

Many at the time also hoped that NAR would choose its first female CEO, which inspired a real estate broker to start a Facebook group called “NAR daughter boss 2017which currently has 771 members. All 12 CEOs in NAR’s history have been men, although women make up the majority of real estate agents.

NAR said in its announcement on Monday that it intends to “identify candidates with diverse backgrounds and experiences, both inside and outside the real estate industry.” His job posting highlights that NAR is an “Equal Opportunity Employer (EOE/Minorities/Women/Vet/Disabled)” and includes a long list of qualifications and requirements for the job.

The posting does not include a salary range, but Goldberg’s salary was $2.52 million in 2021, according to NAR Nonprofit Tax Return This year.

The new CEO will report to NAR’s President and his Board of Directors and is expected to live in Chicago or Washington, DC, and “have a regular presence at NAR’s two office buildings.” They will be responsible for setting goals and managing NAR’s budget to align with business group goals. strategic planwhile carrying out the priorities and agenda of the NAR Board of Directors, depending on the professional group.

“The search committee is looking for an executive with exceptional interpersonal skills as well as business and financial acumen to navigate NAR’s vast and complex structure,” the job posting states. “The executive will arrive ready to help NAR address the trends, challenges and opportunities facing the real estate industry.” Depending on the view, these areas include, but are not limited to:

  • The ever-changing legislative landscape
  • An active and diverse bipartisan advocacy team focused on engaging consumers and real estate agents
  • New and exciting technological influences
  • Protection and growth of the NAR brand
  • Development of professionalism of NAR members
  • Effective communication within and between levels of the association
  • Maintain the relevance of the association, the industry and its members

Applicants should have a minimum of 15 years of relevant experience with at least 10 years in managerial positions and should have “a strong track record leading a major trade association, professional corporation or other great multi-party company,” the announcement also states.

The position is not for the faint-hearted, the publication clearly states, noting that the new CEO must be able to meet the needs of various industry players, politically promote the real estate profession, maintain finances healthy NARs and pushing for innovation while respecting what has worked. in the past.

Here are some of the requirements and duties listed in the job posting:

  • “They will be well-networked and balance their time between being an external representative and spokesperson for the organization, a partner to the board and an internal leader to senior leaders and staff. They will recognize the diverse landscape of the real estate industry and take on the challenge of unifying the culture of this large, complex organization.
  • “To increase visibility and awareness of the value of the estate agent profession, ensuring that NAR is ‘top of the table’ in regulatory and policy discussions at local and national levels.”
  • “Maintaining a healthy mix of dues and non-dues revenue while controlling expenses. Directly oversee the Association’s reserves and ensure investment policies are fully adhered to and NAR remains financially sound.
  • “This individual must be a forward thinker who inspires a culture of change and innovation while remaining respectful and maintaining the successful elements of NAR’s current and previous priorities. They will convey NAR’s strategic priorities and innovative ideas to in a way that generates support for the common goal of increased NAR performance and relevance.

NAR declined to publicly identify the members of its search committee.

“[W]We expect a similar number and structure to committees of the past as we work to focus and execute broad, national and diverse research,” NAR spokesperson Wes Shaw told Inman in a press release sent by e-mail.

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