Is it a good idea to sell Aflac from home?

Is it a good idea to sell Aflac from home?

Want to Make Extra Money Now?

 When I was in college, a representative from Aflac spoke to my business class.

His proposal was to sell Aflac from home.

I felt it was shady.

I envisioned unscrupulous agents ripping from the naive.

But now I know it’s not a pyramid scam.

I know they provide trustworthy financial solutions that assist individuals through tough times.

Aflac pioneered supplementary insurance and its creative sale.

They’re innovators.

Read on if you’re considering selling insurance for “THE DUCK.”

I’ll show you how profitable being a corporate independent contractor can be.

At one point, their ads were EVERYWHERE on TV.

No escape seemed possible unless you did a Matt Damon and went to Mars.

From Bangor, Maine to Sacramento, California, the firm hawked extra insurance everywhere.

Despite advertising less these days, the duck advertisements have paid off handsomely.

They remain the country’s largest supplementary health insurance firm.

Supplemental health insurance gives services that normal insurance doesn’t.

Some of these benefits may include:

  • Emergencies
  • Disablement
  • Oncology
  • Exams and procedures
  • Hospitalization
  • Long-term sickness

These are charges that main insurance doesn’t cover, including deductibles and copayments.

Supplemental insurance helps employees pay for food, petrol, vehicle payments, and rent.

Aflac helps with employers to fill insurance gaps for workers.

Aflac is known for settling these claims swiftly, often within a day.

You may become a strategic counsellor to organisations and their workers if you sell Aflac.

Remember that you’re in business to help local business owners.

Never, ever assume what you’re doing is a hoax.

This approach keeps your efforts focused on problem-solving for your fellow humans, and you’ll feel better.

A Brief History of the Company

November 17, 1955, was a momentous occasion in the history of insurance companies.

Bill, John, and Paul Amos established their newly incorporated company that day.

Lack of insurance left individuals impoverished.

They intended to help people escape a nightmare and make money.

The brothers renamed their company “Aflac” in 1964.

The brothers’ enterprise exceeded their expectations.

It’s been profitable for 34 years, paying dividends every year.

It’s a Dividend Aristocrat.

This S&P business has increased its dividend annually for at least 25 years.

Few firms can do this.

Their present shares yield 2.3%, greater than the S&P’s 1.9%.

Japanese Aflac

Aflac’s profitability and brand awareness are soaring in the U.S.

Japan accounts for more than 60% of the company’s revenue.

Aflac’s Japanese empire is based on cancer, a taboo condition even today.

Cancer has been Japan’s top killer for decades.

The illness surged in the 1950s for unknown reasons.

After World War II, Western-style diets became popular.

Others accuse an out-of-control amphetamine addiction crisis caused by a leak of military stockpiles.

On-duty sentries and kamikaze pilots were often given this medication.

Amphetamine usage is connected to cancer because it impairs the immune system, enabling cancer to spread.

Postwar smoking increased lung cancer rates.

As poverty-related illnesses disappeared, people lived longer.

As people age, their cancer risk rises.

Because cancer rates rose so quickly in Japan, dread spread.

It was dreaded and forbidden to discuss.

In 1974, when Aflac started exploring the Japanese market, “cancer” was rarely spoken.

It seemed superstitious.

Many Japanese physicians won’t inform patients they have cancer because they don’t want them to lose hope.

Patients shouldn’t know, they say.

In Japan, cancer is such a taboo issue that there are strong reasons not to inform anybody.

Many Japanese workers have been sacked after reporting their supervisors they had cancer, as dreadful as it sounds.

It’s a frequent misperception (not only in Japan) that AIDS patients are too weak to work.

No longer true, if it ever was.

Cancer is so feared in Japan that it’s become a gloomy fixation for the whole society.

Also, government healthcare doesn’t cover everything.

So, Japan has the same conditions that require Americans to acquire supplementary insurance.

These include lost salaries, rent/mortgage payments, and at-home nursing care.

The Duck Makes Its as a Debut

Back in the day when Aflac wasn’t broadcasting its adorable ducks all over the radio, it was a relatively unknown supplementary insurance provider.

Nonetheless, that ended on January 1, 2000, when the Aflac duck was shown to the public for the first time.

The “Park Bench” advertisement aired during a college football game, and it was just cute.

More than seventy-five advertisements later, the firm is no longer a relative unknown thanks in large part to the ubiquitous mascot it adopted.

In terms of viewership and sales, these advertisements are among the all-time best.

It was only natural for the duck to become as popular in Japan as he is in the United States, given that most of Aflac’s business is conducted there.

With his debut in 2003, he helped propel Aflac’s popularity in the region to new heights.

And that’s saying something, given Aflac’s popularity in Japan has skyrocketed since at least 1974.

After gaining popularity in both the United States and Japan, the quacking Aflac duck went on to become one of the most well-known corporate mascots in the world.

In addition, he was honoured with a spot on the Advertising Hall of Fame’s Walk of Fame in 2004.

In 2011, the mascot became a balloon in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade, the only type of permanent fame that counts.

Aflac’s brand awareness skyrocketed from 11% to 94% in only 14 years, all because to the meteoric rise of this ad character.

Definition of Your Function at Work

No, you won’t be employed by Aflac in any official capacity if you want to pursue a career in sales for the company.

Instead, you’ll work as a benefits consultant as a freelancer.

As a group, you’ll have the expertise to guide clients of all ages, ethnicities, and socioeconomic standings toward the most appropriate insurance plan for their needs.

Despite your job title, the firm will not provide you with any employee benefits, and you will be responsible for covering such expenses yourself as an independent contractor.

Among them are provisions for medical care, time off work, and parental leave.

The good news is that as long as you follow their business practises, you will have complete autonomy in how you manage your company.

That opens up an enormous number of possibilities for your imagination.

And Aflac keeps surprising you with new ways to enhance your quality of life as an independent contractor every year.

National advertising campaigns are one such method.

Because of this, potential customers will have the Aflac name fresh in their thoughts.

A Plethora of Perks

In addition, there are a plethora of benefits, such as the opportunity to get large bonuses and fascinating vacations to far-flung locations.

in addition to a very substantial stock contribution of up to 3.5 percent of your yearly residuals.

So far, you’ve undoubtedly gotten the impression that Aflac has a vested interest in your success as a self-employed professional.

That’s why they’ll provide you plenty of help with things like budgeting, bookkeeping, and formulating a strategy for success.

In addition, they may provide strong assistance in building your brand by advising you on how to use the influence of social media to boost your reputation.

They may aid in lead generation and advertising, bringing in clients in a continuous stream.

Moreover, you will learn effective methods of prospecting so that you may walk into a neighbourhood and specifically approach the companies that would benefit most from your services.

Eventually, you’ll develop a sixth sense-like knack for knowing just where to go to maximise your earnings.

Relationship building with high-level executives in the company is another skill you’ll hone under their tutelage.

This will ensure that your message is received and understood across the firm.

Helping you stay afloat in the ever-shifting healthcare system is a top priority, and this is something they’ll accomplish for you.

This necessitates a quick education in all the nuances of supplementary insurance.

Then you may provide a thorough explanation to your potential customers.

That haze of confusion that was preventing you from sealing the transaction is now fully gone.

They will be forever thankful to you for being able to help them out like way.

Consequently, they will be more open to your sales pitch.

Every aspect of Aflac is geared toward encouraging you to follow your entrepreneurial passions and create the life you’ve always imagined for yourself.

This makes it much simpler to establish a company with longevity.

With Aflac, you’ll see that your efforts are rewarded.

Being there for policyholders when they need you most is how you’ll make a difference in their life.

So get ready to use Aflac and the might of a Fortune 500 company to help you deliver the service your customers expect, especially when they need it most.

This position could be ideal for you if you are a born salesperson who thrives on the adrenaline rush of making cold calls.

You could potentially reach the top of the income bracket within a decade and then retire.

Isn’t that FANTASTIC?

As Work from Home

If you can consistently get two new clients each month, though, you’re free to set your own hours and work from wherever you choose.

This provides you with the priceless independence to set your own work hours and take time off whenever you please, without consulting your superiors.

That’s not something most people get to do in their regular jobs.

You will have complete autonomy over your time, so you can take a week off if you want to help out at a food bank.

You aren’t really working from home, however.

Now you can put “working from home” in your resume.

This implies that you’ll be able to do part of your professional duties in the comfort of your own home.

On the other hand, there will be occasions when you need to get in your vehicle and go to the offices of executives.

You’ll also spend a lot of time making cold calls to businesses and talking to people about the services that AFLAC offers and how they can help their employees.

Getting a “yes” from cold calling is a long shot, and you’re more likely to hear a lot of “no’s.”

But at some point you will find companies that are open to hearing your sales pitches and interested in purchasing your goods.

This is really satisfying indeed.

Better yet, the day will come when you give a presentation to their staff, which will be a glorious day indeed.

It helps if you have public speaking skills, and lots of Aflac agents hone this ability by attending “Toastmasters” meetings.

Some of them will be approved for insurance, and at the end of the day, you’ll send in what are called transmittals.

Approximately half of that sum will be deposited into your account within the next two business days.

Where else can you walk in, sign up a bunch of people, and instantly have a $10,000 income?

This isn’t some far-fetched idea; it’s within reach with Aflac!

All Income is Only Commission Based

The only way to generate money as a benefits counsellor is via commission.

As a result, you’ll have NO revenue at all if you can’t generate any sales.

If the prospect of living that manner creeps you out, this is probably not the job for you.

However, if you have sharpened your salesmanship talents in previous employment, you will have the tools necessary to reach your full earning potential.

If the policy remains active and premiums are paid, you will get a commission on both the enrollment and the premiums.

A portion of your commission is paid up front, and the remainder is residual, or paid out on a monthly basis.

This implies you might be collecting residual revenue years or even decades after completing a transaction.

When you sell an insurance policy for Aflac, they collect the first year’s payments from the transaction.

Say $100 every month to keep things simple.

This means that a person’s annual payment will be $1200 (12 x $100).

That comes out to $1,200 annually.

A portion of the yearly premium for the first year will now be your commission.

The folks at Aflac provide a couple of different ways to cash your your paycheck.

Or, you may have the corporation “loan” you the money up front.

If your commission rate is 30%, you should expect to make quite a bit of money.

The second alternative is to accept it when it’s earned.

This implies that you won’t be paid until the policyholder makes their premium payment.

A portion of this will be sent your way with each instalment.

The second option is the safer route to go, because with the first, if the person cancels his policy, you’ll have to pay back a portion of that money.

A monthly statement will include whatever balance you have with the firm, whether it’s a positive amount or a negative one.

You don’t want to have a bad statement since it will result in you having to pay back a lot of money and losing access to certain privileges.

But before you take a job with the company, you really should have three to six months’ worth of savings.

This will get you through the lean times you’ll be at the beginning of your career.

Why A Successful Sales Coordinator is Important

In terms of target audience, Aflac focuses mostly on corporations.

Like a butterfly searching for nectar, a benefits consultant flits from company to company, trying to land an appointment with a decision-making executive.

It is very simple to schedule a meeting with a top-level executive who makes decisions.

Concluding the deal by talking to the staff members is, however.

If you’re able to get an appointment, a competent district sales coordinator will assist you seal the deal.

When you’re first getting started at the company, he’s crucial to your development.

You should inquire extensively of the district sales coordinator prior to accepting a position as a benefits advisor in a given sales region.

If you want to start a business that will make you a lot of money, you need to make sure you can count on this person’s help.

To get from the initial step of scheduling a meeting with an executive decision-maker to the next step of having that same person schedule a presentation for your employees can be quite a professional leap.

An accomplished district sales coordinator will have been in similar situations before and will know how to successfully close the gap.

After making that crossing, you’ll be able to enter a store.

Inside, you’ll have access to the workforce and the opportunity to educate them on the many advantages of Aflac supplemental insurance.

Therefore, a district sales coordinator is analogous to a wingman or back-up man, and his knowledge will be invaluable if you’re having trouble closing a deal.

He can also show you how to spot the prospects with the most potential among your business’s pool of potential customers.

Expect the Best and Count on the Unexpected

Go out there and give it your all every single day with Aflac, even on the days when you feel like things are going swimmingly.

That’s because first impressions are often deceiving and reality rarely lives up to expectations.

To your dismay, the executive will cancel the appointment you spent so much time setting up the very next day.

And the human resources staff will say they will organise a presentation for workers.

Then, when you show up, you learn that it was never planned.

It’s also possible that they’ll tell you to check back in a month.

Also, doing this causes you to be delayed for an additional month.

They eventually signed with another agent after forgetting you were involved in the process.

Losing thousands of dollars in commissions because of this is a real possibility.

The point is that you should schedule far more appointments than you anticipate using because many of them will inevitably be rescheduled or canceled.

You’ll Earn Company’s Stock Every Time

If you’ve been with Aflac for a year, you’ll get a stock bonus as a token of appreciation.

And you’ll get even more stock each year after that!

That’s a fantastic benefit, if you ask me.

How Much Money Can You Earn?

Working as an independent contractor with Aflac may earn you $100,000 or more per year; the top 5% of Aflac agents earn an average of $118,000.

With Aflac’s Advance System, you may get a part of your monthly commission up advance, so you never have to worry about running out of money.

However, your personal earning potential is contingent upon a wide variety of circumstances, such as where you live, the number of other agents in your region, and the level of polish in your salesmanship abilities.

You may earn a lot more money selling goods and services if you live in a densely populated city as opposed to a rural location with fewer companies to approach.

You may wish to research the competitive landscape of freelance sales in your target market before submitting an application.

You shouldn’t waste your time if there are already too many agents in your field.

You can quickly uncover this information by using Aflac’s agent locator tool on their website.

I pray that your future region is not swamped by overzealous insurance marketers.

If so, and Aflac insurance is something you’re interested in selling, you can submit your application details online.

A representative from the firm will get in touch with you once you apply.

She will provide you with details on when and where to attend a meeting to find out more about the position.

Aflac hosts similar gatherings at regular intervals all through the year at venues around the country.

You should be able to locate one conveniently close to your residence.

These events typically last an hour, but may go over schedule if there are many questions from the audience.

Information about the firm will be provided at the meeting.

They’ll attempt to pitch you on the wonderful opportunities that await you if you join their team and sell Aflac.

You’ll hand up your résumé at the end of the meeting.

You should, then, immediately begin assembling one if you do not already have one.

If they like what they see, they’ll give you a call to schedule an interview when they’ve had a chance to examine your application.

Keep in mind that they’re looking for someone with superb communication skills.

So, make sure you WOW them with yours.

You’ll need to sell them on the idea that you’re the best person to get Aflac’s message across to potential customers.

Possessing prior sales experience will increase your attractiveness to them.

You are required an Insurance License

There are certain rigorous requirements to meet before you may join the ranks of Aflac’s independent contractors.

Earning an insurance agent’s licence is one option.

In order to practise medicine or sell insurance, you’ll need to have two separate licences.

Obtaining a state-issued licence is a requirement for selling insurance in every one of the 50 states.

One promising trend in the insurance licencing sector is the industry’s general trend toward standardised state licencing legislation and mutual recognition of licences.

That implies it will be far less of a hassle for a licenced agent in one state to get licenced in another state when the time comes.

While we may not yet be there, the process of obtaining an insurance licence is rather simple.

You need just learn what is expected of you and then do your best to meet every one of them.

One requirement is to finish a rigorous training programme before applying for a licence.

There are many options available for doing this.

One option for achieving this goal is to take this course in a traditional, brick-and-mortar school.

With 20–40 hours of general insurance courses, 6–12 hours of ethical courses, and a boatload of practise exams, you’ll be ready for the big day.

You should expect to spend a few days reading this review of actuarial complexities, but you’ll be well-prepared for the state licence test thereafter.

A non-traditional option is to enrol in an online course.

All of the required training for the licence will be done online, at your own convenience.

You will still be able to contact a teacher for help, however.

Take the exam after you’ve finished the course you’ve selected.

Everything from insurance ethics to the many insurance products to state-specific insurance regulations is covered in this comprehensive course.

Keep in mind that over half of test takers do not pass their state licensure exam on their first attempt.

It’s not a huge deal if you don’t pass; you can always try again.

The majority of people who take the exam are successful on their second try, so a failed attempt is usually just a speed bump on the road to a lucrative career with Aflac.

What’s the price tag on stuffing your head with information and then testing you with a battery of difficult questions to determine how much sticks?

More over $400.

Given that Aflac does not cover this, you will have to pay for it yourself.

Further, even when you get your licence, you will still need to attend further training to maintain it current.

Insurance agents seeking state certification must usually demonstrate completion of required continuing education hours.

Strong professional network

It helps to have a large professional network.

This way, you’ll have more buyers than complete strangers.

You’ll need a simple technique to obtain customers while you’re starting out so you can earn money.

Classroom Instruction for Eight Weeks

If hired, you’ll get classroom training.

You sign your contract, meet the district team, then attend two days of sales school.

During school, you’ll stay at a motel.

They feed you.

In school, you’ll learn how to be a master salesperson.

It’s sales 101.

Your RSC will meet with you after two days of sales training.

He’ll describe a typical day selling financial products for the duck.

He’ll explain every policy detail.

After that, try door-to-door prospecting with your DSC.

Prospecting means meeting business owners.

When you’re out, ask several inquiries.

This will assist you learn the work and impress your DSC.

Essential Skills and Characteristics That is Needed

As an Aflac independent contractor, you may make practically infinite money.

For that, you’ll require particular professional talents.

You can be an Aflac independent contractor if you obtain these abilities.

Impeccable Salesmanship

One of these skills is excellent salesmanship.

Some of you may not need something so crass.

This is a business that helps people when life goes awry.

You’re still selling a financial product, though.

If you have zero sales ability, there are always training programs or seminars that’ll help you to cultivate this essential expertise.

You’ll also need to know how to forge quality relationships with every customer, so they trust you and therefore are willing to buy from you.

Work Ethic Well-Honed

Best insurance agents have a strong work ethic.

This business may be ruthless.

You’ll need to work hard to beat your competitors.

Trying to get new consumers is a time-consuming challenge.


Think you can handle it?

Motivational knowledge

You must also understand your customers’ needs to meet them.

So maybe some human motivation classes are in order.

Want to Use High Tech Tools

Keep up with the times, for goodness’ sake.

It’s possible that, as a salesman, you’re the best in the whole universe.

You might miss out on a lot of potential sales if you don’t use modern technology to communicate with customers.

Reason being, they are used by the most successful salespeople to boost productivity, monitor all sales activities, and maintain contact with clients.

Nurture the Relationship

Don’t give up on a prospect just because they said “no”; follow up with them in a month or two. As with many things in life, a simple “no” may not always be a firm “no.” I need some time to consider it, but everything about it seems great for now.

So, allow the company some time to consider it before following up with a check.

Maintain a Pleasant Attitude

Don’t be rude since it’s bad to burn bridges.

You should stay in and keep your nasty mood to yourself.

In the short term, the results of today’s prospecting efforts are not certain.

In any case, you could be setting the framework for future commercial ties.

But if you’re not pleasant, your efforts will go unrewarded.

Put your listening skills to use.

People need acknowledgment and appreciation via active listening.

So, train your ears to hear what others are saying, and success will follow.

I’m not only talking about monetary gains here, but also emotional ones.

Think Kindly

Those who are most likely to live from paycheck to paycheck are also the ones most likely to take out insurance.

These are mostly service industry workers like restaurant staff, bartenders, and stylists.

Many of these employees want to get affordable temporary disability insurance.

which, given the nature of their employment, is essential.

There’s a delicate balance between offering assistance and attempting to sell a single mother of two every coverage available.

Avoid becoming THAT person.

Don’t Be a Pest and Stay Too Long!

In your meeting with a potential employer, you should try to be informative without being too long winded.

If you come off as aggressive, it will hurt your cause more than help it.

Be Energetic and Enthusiastic

Anybody who wants to be an Aflac representative has to be prepared to ignite the globe.

And being lively and upbeat is one method of doing this.

People will want to purchase from you if you exude enthusiasm for what you’re offering.

Because if you are enthusiastic about what you are offering, your audience will be enthusiastic as well.

Exuberance is so potent that it may even make up for mediocre sales skills.

Meet With Members of the Local Team

Getting together with the rest of the regional sales staff to discuss roadblocks is helpful.

The value of friendship in the workplace cannot be overstated.

You should gather a few of your coworkers for a power lunch at Friday’s or a similar establishment.

Suddenly, that customer issue doesn’t seem so insurmountable anymore, does it?

Get in touch with a Mentor

You also might want to think about getting a mentor.

This is a great way to improve your sales skills from average to superhuman.

Find someone doing a similar job at Aflac and ask if they’ll mentor you.

This will help you gain industry insights and strategies for overcoming newbie challenges.

Work/life balance is important

But no matter how hardworking you are, you need to strike somewhat of a balance between your work and the rest of your life, so you don’t burn out.

There’s no question that the high-intensity, dizzyingly fast-paced world of selling can be exciting.

However, you can’t devote every second of your existence to your career.

So, make time for your family, hobbies, and other personal pursuits.

This way, anxiety and high-stress levels won’t make your life a living hell.

Look Downside

Selling Aflac isn’t all lollipops and rainbows.

I’ve included all the bad aspects about this work in one section.

Selling insurance is very tough, and turnover is significant.

Because it’s so hard, 90% of agents don’t last their first year.

This job is hard since you’ll hear “NO” often.

One “yes” for every 25 “nos”

Prepare to develop a thick skin if you don’t already.

This job isn’t for slackers.

This isn’t the work for someone who like to be a couch potato.

Sales need effort.

You’ll be driving a lot, so hopefully you don’t mind.

Because you spend so much time in your car, it might seem like home.

You may make 5-6 visits to the same customers before closing a contract.

You’ll need TONS of patience.

More patience than you’ve ever had.

Even if you receive an employer’s appointment, the account isn’t won.

Even if you persuade corporate leaders that a presentation is worth it, you’ll still have to meet with HR to overcome their concerns.

Then you must persuade the staff to join up.

These workers are often living paycheck to paycheck and may not want insurance.

Depending on their conditions, these workers may acquire insurance for $5 a month, and their company will pay half.

So, they can afford the insurance you offer.

Even this may not be enough to convince them to join up, and you won’t sell anything.

It’s happened.

Some say Aflac isn’t always ethical.

Sometimes you’re an exclusive agent for a sales territory, I’ve heard.

Later, the company reneges and lets others invade your turf.

Some claim only management makes money.

Become a boss if you desire a profitable job.

I don’t know whether these criticisms are valid or just the grumblings of those who couldn’t earn money.

They expected others would have the same experience.

Not always true.

I disagree with these concerns.

I’ve never worked for Aflac, so I’ll tell you what others say.


Aflac is a great company to work for because they offer a helpful product.

And no matter how horrendous economic conditions get, people still need insurance to protect themselves when personal tragedy invariably hits.

This means you can fully commit yourself to working for Aflac without having to worry whether you’re going to be out of a job in a few short years.

However, if you want to reach the uppermost echelons of success as an independent contractor with this company, you’re really going to have to work your butt off.

But it’ll be so worth it!

That’s because, as an Aflac benefits advisor, you’ll have the freedom to set income goals that’ll skyrocket you way past every one of your self-imposed limitations.

This means you can completely commit to Aflac without worrying about your job security.

As an independent contractor for this organisation, you’ll have to work hard to achieve the top.

So worth it!

As an Aflac benefits adviser, you may create income targets that exceed your self-imposed limits.

You’ll create a magnificent future for yourself in your own unique manner.

You’ll work for a Fortune 500 corporation in good financial shape, which should reassure you.

Being an Aflac independent contractor allows you the time and money to travel.

You’ll feel great helping them receive insurance to withstand life’s storms.

These include persons losing their employment because their employer downsized.

Or sick for months due to a debilitating sickness.

We all experience these experiences.

Work for a corporation that donates millions to charity.

Aflac has raised almost $130 million towards children cancer since 1995.

They’re also dedicated environmental stewards who embrace sustainability projects.

Aflac has been one of Ethisphere’s World’s Most Ethical Companies since 2007.

It’s the only insurer with that claim.

Selling for Aflac will be challenging at times, but it has so much potential that it’s worth looking into.

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