An Honest review of American Family Home Insurance 2023

An Honest review of American Family Home Insurance 2023

American Family Home Insurance Review 2022

American Family Home Insurance Review 2022 American Family provides home insurance in 19 states. You may add coverage for identity theft, precious jewelry, or appliance malfunction to an American Family home insurance policy.

The firm offers discounts and below-average pricing.

Homeowners insurance ratings

Our star ratings are based on NAIC consumer complaint statistics, AM Best financial strength rankings, coverage and discounts, and overall customer experience. See our home insurance ratings.

American Family Home Insurance Star Rating

Editorial content determines FM ratings. The formula considers consumer complaints and satisfaction.

Overall, American Family Homeowners Insurance got 4.5 stars. Editorial content determines FM ratings. The homeowners insurance rating system looks at things like the types of coverage and discounts, how easy it is to file a claim, how open the company is online, how financially stable it is, and more.

State Availability

American Family offers homeowner insurance in 19 states.

American Family Home Insurance Coverage

You may add many things to your homeowners insurance, but these are the basics:

It pays to repair or rebuild the structure of your home.

covers damage to unattached structures such as a shed or fence.

pays to repair or replace personal belongings such as furniture or clothing.

pays for hotel stays, meals out, and other costs if you have to live somewhere else while covered repairs are made to your home.

It covers legal expenses and damages if you’re responsible for injuries to other people or their property.

covers injuries to guests in your home, regardless of fault.

American Family Insurance offers standard home insurance as well as optional coverages.

Sump pump failure and flooding covers overflowing sump pumps and sewage backups.

Stolen identity. Identity theft fees are covered.

Home-based companies. provides liability and property coverage for home-based businesses.

Breakdown. pays to repair or replace broken appliances, home systems, or smart-home gadgets.

Siding match. Your house insurance will cover storm- or fire-damaged siding. Matching siding protection reimburses up to $20,000 to replace intact siding.

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Channel. Pays for underground water, electricity, or other lines to your home.

Retirement. Covers liabilities and personal items for nursing home residents.

House empty. This coverage compensates for damage while your residence is uninhabited for three, six, or 12 months.

Water hidden. Covers up to $25,000 in water-related damage, including mould.

Rent-to-own. This coverage compensates for damage during temporary rentals (up to 62 days a year).

Property scheduled. If you have precious objects, like an engagement ring or musical instrument, you may obtain separate insurance for them.

American Family Home Insurance Rates

TheFM’s rate study shows American Family homes insurance costs $1,748 annually. The national average is $1,784 per year. American Family’s average rates were lower than state norms.


You may receive a discount on:

  • A video doorbell or other safety measures.
  • Multi-American Family policies.
  • Recent homebuyer.
  • Paperless, automated payments, and upfront full payment.
  • A year with American Family.
  • Less-than-15-year-old house insurance.
  • Being 18-30 with an American Family parent.
  • Recently replaced plumbing, heating, or electrical systems.

Consumer Complaints

National Association of Insurance Commissioners statistics shows American Family received fewer home insurance complaints than anticipated given its size.

Consumer Experience

American Family’s website provides coverage alternatives, discounts, and insurance advice. You may also obtain a quotation, submit claims, and contact a local agent.

MyAmFam lets you make payments, set up autopay, access policy facts, submit and monitor claims, and contact an insurance agent.

American Family provides online, smartphone, and 800-692-6326 options to submit home insurance claims. The company’s website or app lets you track claim status. How to submit a house insurance claim.

Call 800-692-6326, visit the website, or contact a local agent for customer support.

Where American Family Stands Out

Satisfied customers. JD Power’s 2022 US Home Insurance Study found that American families receive fewer customer complaints than predicted.

Affordability. According to The FM’s investigation, American Family’s premiums are lower than average in places where it provides homes coverage.

Where American Family Falls Short

availability. American Family’s homeowners insurance aren’t offered on majority of the East Coast.

Is American Family home insurance right for you?

American Family provides online and agent-based policy management. This and its vast coverage choices make it worth considering for any homeowner in a company-served state.

Other Home Insurance Companies To Consider

Undecided? Other house insurance companies:

  • Allstate offers several alternatives and savings.
  • Progressive: Mostly sells via third parties.
  • State Farm is the country’s biggest insurance.

Frequently Asked Auestions

What other types of insurance does American Family offer?

American Family’s insurance offerings include car, renters, boat, RV, umbrella, and life. American Family Insurance review.

How long has American Family been around?

1927: Farmers Mutual Automobile Insurance Co. Its present name dates to the 1960s.

American families may have requirements for certain dog breeds, such as a securely fenced yard or proof that the animal has been spayed or neutered. And if your dog has a history of biting or other aggression, liability coverage for dog-related claims may be limited to $25,000. Learn more about dog bites and homeowners insurance.



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