Insurance Business Unveils Top U.S. Cyber ​​Insurance Providers for 2023

Insurance Business Unveils Top US Cyber ​​Insurance Providers for 2023 | Business Insurance America

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Winners were scored on 10 attributes


By Roxanne Libatique

Business Insurance America (IBA) has unveiled this year’s 5-Star Cyber ​​Providers – cyber insurers who have stood out for their perseverance in the face of uncertainty and for facing the unknown to become the best.

IBA has selected the best cyber insurance providers in the United States by recruiting some of the best experts in the sector.

Over 15 weeks, the IBA research team conducted one-on-one interviews with specialist brokers and interviewed thousands of others across the IBA network to better understand what insurance professionals thought of current offerings. of the market. The IBA team asked brokers what features they think are most important in a cyber insurance policy and how the carriers they deal with rate these attributes.

Top Attributes Brokers Assess When Underwriting a Cyber ​​Policy

Brokers measured carriers on:

  • blanket;
  • payment or handling of claims;
  • underwriting expertise;
  • response to breach;
  • policy flexibility or customization;
  • pricing;
  • access to risk assessment and mitigation partners;
  • educate the broker about the policy;
  • flexibility with supplier management; And
  • external scanning.

As part of the editorial process, IBA researchers interviewed Gerry Glombicki, Senior Director of Fitch Ratings, for an independent analysis of the report and its findings.

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