Gainbridge® launches new annuity product focused on flexibility and risk mitigation

Gainbridge Insurance Agency, LLC (“Gainbridge”), a Group 1001 company, is pleased to announce the launch of OneUp™, a new indexed registered annuity issued by Gainbridge Life Insurance Company through the Gainbridge® platform. The OneUp™ product is currently available at

OneUp™ is a financial product designed with flexibility and risk mitigation in mind. The flagship coupon index strategy, from which the name OneUp™ is derived, is a 3-month forward strategy offering the returns of the S&P 500® Total Return Index, which includes dividend reinvestment, plus an annualized bonus from 1 %.

There are also options to select strategies that provide better downside protection for investors who prefer more certainty. Index credit strategies offer investors a growth opportunity based on the performance of the broad S&P 500® Index with the ability to choose from different levels of downside protection.

“We are excited to expand the suite of financial products on the Gainbridge® platform with the announcement of OneUp™,” said Dan Towriss, President and CEO of Group 1001. “This reflects our commitment to providing access to a growing number of clients seeking thoughtful and transparent investment solutions.”

OneUp™ will be offered exclusively through the Gainbridge® platform, the commission-free direct-to-consumer digital distribution arm of Groupe 1001.