Podcast #85: Christian Maynard-Philipp of Pattern Financial

Christian Maynard-Philipp of Pattern Financial
Christian Maynard-Philipp of Pattern Financial

In today’s episode, I’m joined by Christian Maynard-PhilippeFounder and CEO of Model.

Christian and I discussed the origin story of Pattern, why Pattern is different from some of the investment apps on the market, scalability, financial advisors, lack of investment education, his time in the public sector, the best fundraising story I’ve heard, and more.

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Without further ado, Christian Maynard-Philipp, Founder and CEO of Pattern. Enjoy the show.

Highlights from the episode include:

  • The story of the founder of Christian
  • His time at Acorns and Cash App
  • The Investment Education Gap
  • Consumer Defense
  • Intelligent scalability
  • Financial health and inclusion
  • Compliance, Compliance, Compliance
  • The gender gap in fintech
  • Recommended Reading
  • Capital raising
  • And much more…

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