Ulta Ultimate Rewards Mastercard Reviews: Is It Any Good? (2022) |

Ulta Ultimate Rewards Mastercard Reviews: Is It Any Good?  (2022) |

Ulta Ultimate Rewards Mastercard Review

Ulta Ultimate Rewards Mastercard Reviews This is a store rewards credit card issued by Community Bank. If you’re wondering whether the Ulta credit card is the right one for you, read on.

Key Takeaways

    • Signup bonus. 500 points after spending $500 may be redeemed for travel, gifts, or other privileges.
    • Competitive APRs. Ulta Ultimate Rewards Mastercard purchase APR is 16.99% to 25.99%.
    • No annual fee. This is an easy-to-use rewards card. It rewards purchases without an annual charge.
    • 5% Balance transfer fee.Balance transfers cost 5% with Ulta Ultimate Rewards Mastercard. $1,000 in transfer costs, for example. $10 minimum.
  • Charges foreign transaction fees. When going overseas, avoid using this card since it costs a 3% fee.
  • Good or better credit required. Below 700, approval probabilities are poor.

Pros & Cons of Ulta Credit Card

                                    The Good                                               The bad
    • no annual fee
    • Earn points on purchases.
    • Can be used anywhere Mastercard is accepted.
    • No annual fee.
    • Free access to your credit score.
    • Cardholders can earn rewards on their purchases.
    • Ulta Ultimate Rewards Mastercard reports to multiple credit bureaus.
    • High interest rate
    • With a 3% foreign transaction fee, this is not a great credit card to use when traveling internationally..
    • You need good credit to qualify.
    • Charges a foreign transaction fee of 3%.
    • Charges a 5% balance transfer fee.
    • Does not include many credit card benefits.

Ulta Credit Card FAQ

Does Ulta credit card have a cash back or rewards program?

The Ulta credit card is a rewards card.

                                                                                               Ulta credit card Rewards
Rewards rate (all purchases)N/A
Max reward rateN/A
Annual reward limitN/A
Signup Bonuses ($)N/A
Signup Bonuses (Points/Miles)500
Signup Bonus Spend Requirement$500

Does Ulta credit card have a signup bonus?

This card has no cash bonus. The $500 signup incentive may be used for travel, gifts, or other benefits.

Does Ulta credit card offer an annual loyalty bonus?

This card doesn’t offer a cash loyalty bonus.

What are the Ulta credit card benefits?

It provides the following benefits:

    • Free Credit Score
    • Zero fraud liability
    • Reports to major credit bureaus

What are the relevant APRs for Ulta credit card?

Federal Reserve Board: 15% normal APR on all credit cards, 17% for balance-carrying accounts.

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The Ulta Ultimate Rewards Mastercard purchase APR is 16.99%–25.99%. variable 26.99% balance transfer APR. 26.99% variable cash advance APR

Does Ulta credit card have an intro APR offer on balance transfers?

No, it doesn’t have a balance transfer or an intro APR.

Does Ulta credit card have an intro APR offer on new purchases?

This card has no introductory APR on purchases.

What are the fees for Ulta credit card?

The following fees apply:

                                                                                                Ulta Credit Card Fees
annual fee


Foreign Transaction Fee3%
Returned Payment Feeup to $40
Late Payment Feeup to $40

This card does not charge an annual fee, which makes it a smart choice for consumers looking for a low-cost rewards card.

Does Ulta credit card have a foreign transaction fee?

Ulta’s credit card fees are 3%. A $2,000 international trip would cost $60 in foreign transaction fees. If you go overseas, leave this card at home and get one without foreign transaction fees.

What is the customer service phone number for Ulta credit card?

1855-579-69632) is Ulta credit card customer service.

What is the support contact email for Ulta credit card?

Webmaster@comenity.net is Ulta credit card support.

What is the Ulta credit card login page?

Ulta credit card login is here.
How do people rate the customer service and user experience of the Ulta credit card?

Based on ratings of customer service and user experience, the Ulta credit card is not a good choice.

Does Ulta Ultimate Rewards Mastercard report your account activity to credit bureaus?

Yes, Ulta’s Ultimate Rewards Mastercard reports to credit bureaus.

  • equifax
  • Experian
  • transunion

If you pay on time and regularly to a creditor who reports to one or more credit agencies, your score may go up.

How to Apply for Ulta Credit Card

    • Visit the Ulta credit card website.
    • Fill in the application form. You will typically need to provide general financial information, such as your Social Security Number, address, and annual income.
    • Check the information is accurate and submit your application.

If your credit score is preventing you from qualifying for this credit card, check out our guide for the best credit cards for bad credit.



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