The Best Barclay’s AAdvantage Aviator Mastercard Reviews (2022)

The Best Barclay’s AAdvantage Aviator Mastercard Reviews (2022)

Barclay’s AAdvantage Aviator Mastercard Reviews (2022)  American Airlines credit cards let users earn miles and elite status. Cardholders can redeem miles through American Airlines’ AAdvantage programme. Barclays and Citi provide more credit card options than most airlines.

Main Keys

  • Bonus signup. Offers 60,000 points after $1,000 spent that can be redeemed for travel, gifts, or other rewards.
  • Low APRs. Barclay’s AAdvantage Aviator Mastercard purchase APR is 15.9% to 24.9%.
  • 3% Transfer charge. Balance transfers cost 3% with Barclay’s AAdvantage Aviator Mastercard. Transfer costs for $1,000 might be $30. $5 minimum.

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  • No FX fees. This card doesn’t impose a fee when you make a transaction through a foreign bank or in a currency other than the US dollar (USD).
  • Business credit card perks. Includes rental insurance, emergency help, purchase warranty extension, travel aid, and fraud protection.
  • Need good credit. Above 650 will increase your approval odds.

Pros & Cons of AAdvantage Barclaycard

The GoodThe Bad
Potentially lower than average purchase APRs.Charges an annual fee of $95
Multiple business credit card perks.Charges a 3% balance transfer fee.
Offers auto rental collision damage waiver.
Extended warranty on purchases.
Travel assistance insurance
Cardholders receive rewards anywhere. Accepted: Barclay’s AAdvantage Aviator Mastercard.
Barclay’s AAdvantage Aviator Mastercard reports to multiple credit bureaus.

AAdvantage Barclaycard FAQs

Who is AAdvantage Barclaycard designed for?

It’s a Barclays credit card.

This card is for fair-credit small enterprises. Minimum credit score: 650.

What are the relevant APRs?

This card’s purchase APR goes from 15.9% to 24.9%. Balance transfer APR ranges from 15.9% to 24.9%.

The APR on cash advances starts at 25.24%.

Does it have an introductory APR offer?

No, this business card has no introductory balance transfer APR.

This business credit card has no introductory rate.

AAdvantage Barclaycard Rates & Terms
Purchase APR15.9%

– 24.9%

Balance Transfer APR15.9%

– 24.9%

Cash Advance APRStarting at 25.24%

What fees does it charge?

The following fees apply to this business credit card:

  • An annual fee of $95.
  • A late payment penalty of up to $39.
  • A returned payment fee of up to $39.
  • There is no overlimit fee

Does it charge a foreign transaction fee?

Foreign transactions are free with this corporate credit card. This can save frequent travelers hundreds of dollars in foreign credit card fees.

AAdvantage Barclaycard Fees
Fees Amount
Annual fee$95
Foreign Transaction Fee0%
Balance Transfer Fee3%
Minimum Balance Transfer Fee$5
Returned Payment Fee$39
Late Payment Fee $19 to $39

Does it offer a cash back or rewards program?

AAdvantage Barclaycard has a rewards program. This business card pays small business owners for purchases in bonus categories:

    • Airfare
    • Car Rentals
    • Internet, Cable and Phone Services
    • Every Purchase
    • Office Supply Stores

Does it have a sign up bonus?

This business card has no signup bonus.

It includes a 60000-point registration incentive after spending $1000 that can be used for travel, gifts, or other perks.

Does it offer an annual loyalty bonus?

This business card has no cash rewards.

What are the benefits?

This company credit card features:

    • Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver
    • Emergency Support
    • Extended Warranty Protection
    • Fraud Liability
    • Travel Assistance
    • Reports to major credit bureaus

What is the customer service phone number?

(888) 710-8756 is this card’s customer support number.

What is the support contact email? is the card’s support email.

How do people rate the customer service and user experience?

Based on user and customer feedback, this business credit card is not recommended.

Does Barclay’s AAdvantage Aviator Mastercard report your account activity to credit bureaus?

Yes, Barclay’s AAdvantage Aviator Mastercard reports to credit bureaus.

  • equifax
  • Experian
  • transunion

Regular, on-time payments to a creditor that reports to one or more credit agencies can improve your score.

How to apply?

    • Visit the Barclays Bank.
    • Form fill out. You’ll need to submit your SSN, residence, annual income, and job status.
    • Apply with proper facts.
    • Click here if you’re denied to learn why and what to do.

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