How To Use an American Express Gift Card on Amazon

How To Use an American Express Gift Card on Amazon

How to Use an American Express Gift Card on Amazon If you have an American Express gift card, you may wish to spend it on Amazon. Using an Amex gift card on Amazon may be tricky.

How to use an American Express gift card on Mobile Mode teaches you how to win cash, prepaid cards, and gift cards.


Stash yourself. After $5 and $40 on Mode, get $5 from your stash.

$25 to $3,000 American Express gift cards can be preloaded.

MasterCard and Visa can be:

  • or similar stores (Walmart, Target, gift card sellers).
  • Redeemable at Amex shops, including online.
  • The recipient will receive a physical card or an email with virtual card details. While most Amex gift cards may be used immediately, you may need to register or activate yours with some online stores.

To register, call 1-877-297-4438. You’ll need:

  • 15-digit gift card number
  • 4-digit Card Identification Code (CIC) provided on the front of the card
  • 3-digit Card Security Code on the card’s reverse side
  • Address where you live

After registering your card, you can use it easily. Amex will cancel and replace lost cards if you register them.

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How To Use an Amex Gift Card on Amazon

Once you have a properly registered Amex gift card, try Amazon.

Amazon’s wide selection of items and services makes it a great spot to use a gift card.

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Load your American Express gift card as a payment option on Amazon as follows:

  1. Amazon login.
  2. Drop-down menu: your account.
  3. Payments.
  4. Activate Pay via.
  5. Card details.
  • Your card is now ready to use; use it as payment at checkout.
  • Amazon doesn’t allow multiple payment methods for purchases over a specific amount. You can only use your Amazon gift card to buy things cheaper than or equal to its value.
  • If you try to buy a $60 item with a $50 gift card, your transaction will be declined—you can’t add more money with a credit or debit card.The result is that you:

Your gift card has a spending restriction.

After a purchase, your gift card may have a little, useless balance.

There’s a way to maximize the value of your American Express gift card on Amazon.

Adding a gift card to your Amazon balance

How To Add American Express Gift Cards to Amazon

All Amazon account holders have a gift card balance already set up for them. Your gift card balance will start at $0 unless you have previously bought or received an Amazon gift card.

The full value of your Amex gift card can be added by following these steps:

  1. Amazon login.
  2. Account Payment Options.
  3. If you haven’t already, add your Amex gift card on the following screen. Don’t put the Amex card as a gift card, but as a credit or debit card. Card balance.
  4. boxed Restock.
  5. Next, input the card’s balance.
  6. Pay with an Amex gift card.
  7. After you’ve done all of these things, the balance on your Amex gift card should show up right away in your Amazon gift card balance.

If you have multiple gift cards, you can repeat the process as often as necessary.

What Problems Could You Experience When Transferring Your Amex Gift Card to Amazon?

When you use your American Express gift card to buy Amazon gift card credit, you may:

  • Amex gift card isn’t registered properly—You can’t use your card on Amazon in this scenario. You must verify everything with Amex customer care.
  • Address doesn’t match the address Amex has on file—Registration links your Amex gift card to your address. If this address doesn’t match Amazon’s billing address for you, anti-fraud safeguards may prevent you from loading your card.
  • Remaining balance is lower than the Amazon gift card amount you’re trying to purchase—Buying a $30 Amazon gift card with a $29.99 Amex gift card will be denied.

Once the problem is fixed, you can continue shopping.

Amazon will charge your gift card balance before any other cards unless you indicate otherwise.

You can use the full value of your Amex gift card and pay the difference with your default Amazon payment method.


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