How Does The GameStop Credit Card Work: Benefits and Rewards

How Does The GameStop Credit Card Work: Benefits and Rewards

How Does The GameStop Credit Card Work: Benefits and Rewards

Benefits and Rewards of the GameStop Credit Card GameStop Corp. (GME) was the first gaming-only shop to provide perk-filled credit cards. Initial consumer reception was mixed.

Some people in the gaming community thought that GameStop was trying to get kids to go into debt, and the high APR made people even more worried.

Fortunately, only 18-year-olds or older get credit lines. The APR range is high compared to bank-issued cards but equivalent to shop cards. The rewards program benefits frequent consumers.

key Takeaways

  • The GameStop PowerUp Rewards Credit Card offers various points for purchases.
  • The GameStop credit card is only usable in-store and online.
  • GameStop’s credit card features Basic and Pro tiers.
  • Most candidates may be accepted with a low credit score.
  • The GameStop PowerUp Rewards Credit Card has no annual fee but hefty interest.
  • The GameStop credit card benefits regular gamers, GameStop consumers, and PowerUp members.

How the GameStop Credit Card Works

The GameStop credit card extends PowerUp Rewards. Only program members may apply for the credit card, which can only be used at GameStop stores or online.

The extended credit line varies from $250 to $3,000 based on credit history. Call customer care and ask a supervisor for a greater limit.

The consumer can pay off the debt all at once each month, or they can make smaller payments over time, which will cost them interest.

Rewards and Benefits

Credit card incentives depend on the customer’s GameStop PowerUp Rewards program. Basic and Pro versions are available. Free membership earns 10 points per dollar spent. These points may be redeemed for gaming gear, collectibles, discounts, and more.

Pro membership is $14.99 and includes double points, discounts, unique deals, and a monthly magazine subscription.


Opening a GameStop credit card earns Basic members 5,000 points. 15,000 points for Pro members. Cardholders earn 5,000 points for every $250 spent on purchases each year. Cardholders will get exclusive deals.

Frequent GameStop customers get points faster with the card. Basic members who spend $250 get 2,500 points. Using the GameStop credit card, they’ll get 2,500 points plus 5,000 more for the same transaction.

The total is 12,500 points instead of 2,500 after the 5,000 sign-up bonus.

Where Can Someone Get the GameStop Credit Card?

Apply at Comenity Capital Bank provides the GameStop PowerUp Rewards card and accepts online applications.

What Kind of Credit Is Required for the GameStop Credit Card?

GameStop’s credit criteria are lower than average. Some customers claim approval with low-to-mid 600s credit scores. Credit affects credit limits and APR.

GameStop requires established credit, a consistent income, and fair-to-good credit. Where Can the GameStop Credit Card Be Used?

The GameStop credit card can be used only at GameStop, whether in-store or online. Cards that are made by Visa or Mastercard, on the other hand, can be used to get cash advances.

Alternatives to the GameStop Credit Card

Best Buy Co., Inc. (BBY) and other traditional gaming stores offer discounts and/or interest-free financing for customers who use their store cards. Best Buy provides 5% back and 12-month financing.

These merchants’ cards are often Visa or MasterCard-affiliated, so they may be used everywhere., Inc. (AMZN) offers similar credit cards with rewards schemes.

Terms and Conditions of the GameStop Credit Card

As of March 2021, the standard APR on the GameStop card is 26.99%. The gaming community at first criticized GameStop for its card’s “extortionate interest rates,” and the rate is a bit high, even for a merchant credit card:

A 2020 survey of retail cards found that the average APR is 25.90% (though many of the 81 cards surveyed did hit 30%).

For people with good credit, the interest rate on regular, general-use credit cards from banks and other financial institutions is usually around 20%.

The GameStop credit card says on its website that it has no annual fee, which is also common for store credit cards.

Who Should Consider the GameStop Credit Card?

GameStop’s credit card is for frequent gamers, consumers, and PowerUp members. The cardholder may make purchases and make balance payments. Cardholders may earn incentives and access unique deals while building credit.

GameStop Credit Card FAQs

Does GameStop Have a Credit Card?

GameStop’s PowerUp Rewards card gives cardholders perks and discounts.

Can I Apply for a GameStop Credit Card Online?

Apply online at or (search by brand).

What Credit Score Do You Need for a GameStop Credit Card?

Some customers with low 600s credit scores have been authorized by GameStop.

Where Can I Use My GameStop Credit Card?

The GameStop credit card may only be used in-store or online. The card may be used anywhere Visa or Mastercard is accepted.

How Do I Pay My GameStop Credit Card?

GameStop cardholders may pay online at Comeity’s website. On the due day, payments must be made by 6 p.m.

The Bottom Line

GameStop credit cards are enjoyable for gamers. Given its high interest rate, it’s best for clients who pay off their loans monthly. You may earn points in-store or online. Following the agreement will prevent late fines and credit blemishes.



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