Vehicle Financing: Compare Buying Vs Leasing Options

Vehicle Financing: Compare Buying Vs Leasing Options

Compare Buying vs Leasing Options 

Vehicle Financing: Compare Buying vs. Leasing a Car Leasing costs less and offers the most purchasing perks.

Buying grants ownership, but it’s expensive. No down payment for leasing (or need a lower down payment). A 10–20% down payment is required.

One-Time Payments

Online or via the app, schedule one-time payments. iPhone and Android apps are available.

Pay By Text

Text monthly one-time payments if qualified. Text payments won’t be an option if you’re ineligible. To sign up, you must opt in to receive SMS payment notifications. For more, see Ally Auto’s Alerts page.

Bill Pay

Pay Using Your Bank’s Bill Pay Feature

To pay Ally Auto via your bank, you’ll need the payment amount and account number. Your bank may need the payment address.


Send A Scheduled Payment To:

Payment Processing Center
P.O. Box 9001951
Louisville, KY 40290-1951

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Send payment disputes, payments with restrictions or endorsements, or customer service correspondence to:
Ally Financial
P. O. Box 380901
Bloomington, MN 55438

Debit Card Payment

Make An Online Debit Card Payment.

CheckFreePay allows one-time debit card payments. You’ll need your Ally Auto account, debit card, and ZIP code.

CheckFreePay charges a $3.45 fee in addition to your payment amount for its payment services.


Pay Through ACI Pay, A Service Of ACI Payments, Inc.

ACI Pay is 1-888-631-8930. You’ll need your Ally Auto account number, bank account number, and ZIP code.

ACI Pay imposes a $4 money transfer fee in addition to your payment amount.

In Person


One-time payments may be made at local MoneyGram locations. MoneyGram is a third-party payment provider that charges an additional fee. MoneyGram may provide payment alternatives and costs.

Western Union® Quick Collect®

One-time payments may be made at Western Union Quick Collect® locations.

Western Union is a third party that charges an additional fee for its payment services. Western Union has payment choices and costs.



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