Barclays Mortgage Insider: Doing Business Differently in 2023 –

Evolving and adapting to meet ever-changing lending and borrowing needs is second nature to mortgage brokers. Which brings us to the question: how are they doing business differently in 2023?

In the latest episode of Barclays Mortgage Insiders Podcasthost and real estate expert Phil Spencer is joined by two mortgage brokers – Helen Pierson, Director of the Mortgage Advice Bureau, New Homes and Neil Ryner, Director of Ryner and Partners – to discuss changing client needs and the impact on the counseling process.

In this discussion, they touch on a range of topics from how to advise a generation of borrowers who have not experienced rising interest rates to the importance of realigning business practices and marketing to align with current market conditions.

The trio also discusses the pace of change in the mortgage industry, the difference between information and advice, the ongoing need for education and training, the impact of consumer duty and the difficulties in identifying and responding to needs of vulnerable customers.

It offers fantastic insight into the life of a Mortgage Broker and the demands they and their clients face in today’s economic climate.

This episode was recorded on April 11.