AI and robotic automation are revolutionizing agriculture

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I have an exciting update for you in the mega trend of AI farming

Robotic automation is at the center of that — along with virtual reality and autonomous drones.

In the agricultural industry, for example, the goal of these robots is “to help reduce harvesting costs, improve fruit quality, increase yields, streamline operations and ultimately reduce fruit wastage”.

With the United States facing a labor shortage in the agricultural harvesting market, robotics could be an ideal solution for farmers.

So in today’s video I share two major breakthroughs in AI farming!

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I recommend a great exchange traded funds (ETFs) for those who want to invest in the incredible partnership of AI and robotics.

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🔥Hot topics in today’s video:

  • US economy: The Federal Reserve believes July’s rate hike helped push the economy (and inflation) in the right direction. Is this the last rate hike we’ll see for a while? [1:15]
  • Market News: An indicator from Bloomberg Intelligence shows that US stocks are gaining ground. What are the prospects for 2024? [2:45]
  • Mega trend: Two new “robotic” breakthroughs for AI farming! Discover how virtual reality and drones affect what we eat. [4:00]
  • Investment Opportunity: Here is a recommendation on an excellent ETFs in growth AI and Robotic Automation Market! [6:30]
  • Crypto World: A bitcoin ETF may be on the way. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is accepting applications from crypto investors. [7:00]

More advantage: investing with AI 🤖

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