15 Best Car Wash Jobs in 2023 (Part-Time and No Experience Required)

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15 car wash jobs

Mobile washing

MobileWash is an on-demand mobile car wash app where customers order car wash service. On the other hand, as a MobileWash partner, you will be able to accept requests and provide car wash service at the address desired by the customer.

To get a job, all you have to do is apply to become partner. Once you are approved, download the MobileWash app to iPhone And android smartphones to start accepting orders.

MobileWash currently serves hundreds of Southern California cities. They also plan to expand to Florida, Texas, Arizona, and Nevada soon.

It was

Washe is a platform that connects you to customers who need their car washed.

To accept orders on your Washe app, simply follow the step-by-step process below:

  1. Check if Washe works in your city.
  2. Apply as a washer.
  3. Download the Washe app to your iPhone Or android smartphone and newspaper.

Once you’re set up, you’ll have access to customer requests in the app. You can accept orders and deliver the car wash service to the address desired by the customer.


Summary of Wasos

  • Earn up to $1000 per week + tips and bonuses
  • Start working in less than a week
  • No hidden fees – strategy and upfront prices
  • The platform manages all the planning
Make money on Washos

Washo is another on-demand mobile car wash service. The Washos app allows you to register as a washer and fulfill on-demand car wash requests. As a Washos Washer, you will need to travel to the address customers want to provide the service.

To become a Washos washer:

  1. First of all, apply as Washos Pro.
  2. Then download the Washos app for your iPhone Or android smartphone and log in with your account.
  3. Finally, start accepting orders and provide excellent service.

Brown bear

Brown Bear is a car wash subscription service, where members get multiple washes when they purchase the subscription package.

The Brown Bear offers a range of car washer job opportunities that you can apply for through the platform. Simply browse the work that matches your location and brown bear preferences task directory and submit an application.

car bell

Autobell is a local car wash that brings you job opportunities in over 60 cities nationwide.

In order to get a job as a washer at Autobell, all you have to do is find the A job opportunity in your area and apply online.

car wash

Crew car wash was recognized as “2020 best places to work” based on employee reviews on Glassdoor. The Crew Carwash offers you car wash jobs in over 35 locations nationwide.

To join the Crew Carwash team and get a job as a washer, you need to go through the open jobs to find a vacancy in your city. Once you have found an available job in your area, simply submit the application online to be contacted by the recruiter.

Car washing

Splash car wash offers you a range of jobs from their local car wash in 18 cities. You have the opportunity to apply for a variety of jobs, including washer, draftsman, car wash manager, and quality assurance manager.

If you want to join Splash Car Wash, all you have to do is Register online and indicate the location and position for which you are applying.

career throw

CareerJet is an online recruitment platform currently offering over 2,750 car wash jobs in the United States.

In order to get a job at your local car wash through CareerJet, simply browse the task directory. Once you have found a vacancy in your area, you can apply online on the CareerJet platform.

power work

SnagaJob is another recruitment platform, providing you with over 1,600 car wash job opportunities nationwide.

Applying for a job through SnagaJob is easy. First of all you have to find an open job In your city. Then, apply online and wait for the recruiter to contact you to guide you through the next steps in your recruitment process.

NCS car wash

National Car Wash Solutions has been recognized as the leading provider of cleaning equipment, services and solutions in North America.

As NCS grows, they recruit car washes nationwide and currently have 71 vacancies in various departments. To find a job, just take a look at Jobs. Choose the one in your area that matches your skills and apply online.

USA Express Car Wash

USA Express Car Wash is the fastest growing car wash brand in the United States. As the brand is constantly growing, they recruit car washes in over 200 locations nationwide.

Find the relevant job for you to join the dynamic team of Car Wash USA Express.

Alternatively, you can submit your resume to be considered when the company has vacancies that match your qualifications.

In effect

In effect is one of the largest popular online recruitment sites in the United States.

There are many car wash jobs posted on the platform. To get a job, all you have to do is find the job in your area and apply through Indeed. If you qualify for the job, the recruiter at the company you applied to will contact you to schedule an interview and negotiate terms of employment.

Linked to

LinkedIn is the largest social network connecting professionals around the world.

One of the features offered by LinkedIn is the job directory. There are currently over 5,000 vacancies posted on the LinkedIn platform.

To land a job via LinkedIn, you must first register for the platform. Once your profile is created, all you need to do is browse open jobs and apply to the one that matches your location and skills.

Average salary: varies from company to company and depends on the position.

career builder

career builder is an online recruitment platform offering you a wide range of jobs from various companies nationwide.

Getting a car wash job is easy with Career Builder. Merely find the job that matches your location and skills on the left side of the website and click on it to expand the details.

If you like the position and are eligible for it, you can apply online. If your application matches the job description, the company’s recruiter will then contact you to outline the next steps.


ziprecruiter logo

Summary of ZipRecruiter

  • Top rated job search engine and app
  • Simple one-click job application process
  • More than 30 different job categories
  • More than 7.5 million jobs posted every day
How to Apply for Jobs on ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter is another biggest online recruitment platform used in the United States. The platform currently offers more than 270 car wash attendant jobs.

Applying to jobs through ZipRecruiter is easy. You just need find the job in your area and apply online directly on the platform. Once the company receives your application, the recruiter will contact you to discuss the next steps in your recruitment.

What does a car wash attendant do?

The car wash attendant’s job is to clean the inside and outside of customers’ cars. Exterior washing includes soaking the car in soap, rinsing and drying as well as waxing and cleaning the tires.

Interior cleaning involves throwing out trash, vacuuming seats and floors, polishing surfaces, and cleaning windows from the inside.

How much do you get paid to work in a car wash?

You’ll get paid an average of $11 an hour working in a car wash and you’ll keep 100% of the tips that happy customers leave you.

How do you become a car wash?

  • Learn more about the different types of materials and cleaning agents. ChemicalSafetyFacts.org provides a robust platform where you can discover how different chemicals and agents affect different materials.
  • Improve your customer service skills because you need to provide excellent service. You could take Online Customer Service Course on SkillShare.
  • In this article you will find the top 15 car wash jobs that you can apply for online.

Is it worth starting a car wash business?

Like any business, starting a car wash business has its pros and cons. While it sounds good to open a car wash and provide affordable car cleaning and maintenance service, it can also be expensive to repair equipment when it breaks.

One of the main advantages of car washing is that it is always in demand and not seasonal.

Small car wash businesses average about $40,000 a year, while larger luxury car washes can make a net profit of $500,000.

Overall, I suggest you do your own market research in your area and do your due diligence to figure out if the pros outweigh the cons for you or vice versa. International Association of Car Washes is a great resource for industry trends.